Payments to the mass!

Visa Developer Center from Now is Open.

Visa opened its API and SDK technologies for all developers.

The owner of one of the most popular payment system in the world, Visa Inc., recently announced the launch of the Visa Developer Center. Now developers can register and get access to the API and SDK products and services of the company to read the technical documentation, create and test own applications. Today we have online access to hundreds of APIs, and eventually the company will expand this list even more.

Among the technologies to which developers have access are: Payment Account Validation (account good standing check), Mobile Location Confirmation (geo-location of the cardholder’s phone while purchases authorization at POS), Foreign Currency Exchange Rates, Visa Checkout, Visa Direct (card to card payments), Visa Transaction Alerts (near-real-time view of conducted transactions of Visa cards to catch fraudulent activity) and so on.

I think that Visa was working very hard to have a possibility introduce own APIs on Mobile World Congress, which will take a place in Barcelona, Italy on February 22–25, 2016. While other payments market players pulling up the rear, Visa decided in that way seize the market of Mobile payments.

This can become break-thought technology needed for today need in mobile payments. We see that many companies like Apple, Alibaba Group and so on develop own payment technologies. Now Visa Inc. also is in the race. It’s getting be interesting…

Igor Popov Written by:

IT Expert, Technical Consultant, PM and tech start-up adviser with strong software development experience more than 15 years

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